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Avanti Avanti Film

Avanti, avanti! ein Film von Billy Wilder mit Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills. Inhaltsangabe: Ischia, die Insel der Romantik und des süßen Nichtstuns, das Paradies der. Avanti, Avanti! - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Avanti, avanti! (Avanti!): Komödie mit Jack Lemmon/Clive Revill/Juliet Mills. Jetzt im Kino.

Avanti! Avanti!

Avanti! Avanti!: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Wie alle guten Filme ist "Avanti, Avanti" nur sehr selten im Fernsehen zu sehen. Der Film ist unbedingt zu empfehlen. Lesen Sie weiter. 7 Personen fanden diese​. Avanti, Avanti! - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung |

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Billy Wilder's film is so very neglected and it's a pity as this is the perfect film. Watch the beautiful, poignant sequence at the mortuary as Pamela and Wendell view the bodies of their mother and father respectively.

And again watch Clive Revill alongside Lemmon and Mills- acting with only movement, expression and not a word. The lighting in this scene is so wonderful, it is dark and depressing with the exception of a shaft of sunlight penetrating the smallest of windows.

Wilder manages to wring excellent portrayals out of even the most minor of characters. Watch Avanti and savour the acting, the music and the scenery.

Fans of the masters will be pleasantly surprised by this delightful romantic comedy, which captivates the viewer from the very start.

Mezmerizing backdrop music plays as though secretly staged by Cupid standing by to assure that lovebirds will find one another.

Lemmon plays the son of a mega-wealthy American business man who had to drop everything to fly to Italy in order to claim the father's remains after a car accident.

En route to his late father's "final stop", Lemmon runs in to a persistent young woman, who turns out to be the daughter of the woman with whom the father had had a lengthy affair, and who was found lovingly slung around his neck as they both died in said accident.

The situation seems rather awkward at first, but eventually Lemmon and the young woman begin following into the exact same steps their departed parents had done years earlier.

The picture is completed by a brilliant supporting cast of hotel personnel and colorful locals. The performance of the multi-talented and ever-present-minded hotel manager was Oscar worthy.

Listening to the testimony of all people asked, Lemmon learns that his late father and his "friend" were viewed as Royalty, nothing less than figures from a fairy tale.

The concluding scenes are the final touches to a most enchanting romantic comedy, one that has few rivals in its category.

Billy Wilder has done it again. What he missed in big laughs, he made up in many magic moments and gentle pressures to your tear glands. One of the very best out there.

Lemmon and Wilder take to Europe coverme6 10 August The great team of actor Jack Lemmon and director Billy Wilder create yet another classic in their repetoire of great films.

In AVANTI! Little did Armbruster know that his old man had a companion with him, a British lady whose daughter Pamela Juliet Mills is also present to claim her body.

Though antagonists at first, Armbruster and Pamela are drawn together because of their parents' mutual interest.

With a rich Italian landscape complete with an awesome view of the Mediterrean Sea , plus a typically great performance by Lemmon and a well-played one by Mills, make this a terrific romance flick.

TheNorthernMonkee 7 July SPOILERS There is a general theory in the world today that we will one day evolve into our parents. As one man might become like his father, as might a woman become like her mother.

This is perhaps one aspect of the beautiful film that is "Avanti! In this film, Wendell Armbuster Junior the always brilliant Jack Lemmon has travelled to Italy to pick up the recently deceased body of his father.

Running on occasion into an English woman by the name of Pamela Piggott Juliet Mills , Wendell experiences the beauty of the small Isle Of Ischia as a friendship develops with the neurotic Miss Piggott.

The beauty of "Avanti" is it's simplicity. Jack Lemmon travels to Italy as one man, and leaves another. Learning the truth behind his fathers visits to Ischia, Lemmon slowly begins to emulate his father and fall for his father's lover's daughter.

Taught to relax and enjoy life, Lemmon's character develops from a mad, rushing, rude businessman into a friendly romantic with a lust for life.

Juliet Mills' Miss Piggott equally changes as she develops from a paranoid, unhappy, diet obsessed, nut into a happy, laid back, beautiful woman with an equal love for life as Lemmon.

Together the couple work beautifully together, firstly sparring and later uniting. This film is wonderful for many reasons.

As well as the aforementioned change amongst the starring cast, Clive Revill as the hotel manager Carlo Carlucci is superb and has some of the films funniest lines.

Added to the acting abilities, the brilliant direction of Billy Wilder and already looking like a piece of genius. Ultimately though, as well as the acting and directing, the three things which really make this film stand out are the often hilarious script, the stunning, addictive soundtrack and the picturesque views.

After watching "Avanti", the one thing most viewers want is to instantly be transported away from where ever they are, to the beautiful landscapes of the Italian Islands.

With glorious sunshine, rocks in the water where you can relax and watch the Sun come up, and classical buildings, the impression is that the people to come out of this film the best were the tourist trade of this beautiful Isle.

Truth be told, there's hardly any criticism which can be given to this film. Starting brilliantly from the offset, there's no slow start, just like there's no awkward ending.

The only negative aspect, perhaps, is that it makes us wish we were somewhere else. Even this though is not as much a negative as a frustration.

It reminds us of the beauty of the world, and it reminds us of how great life can be. This is one for the ages. The arrogant and rude Vice-President of the Armbruster Industries Wendell Armbruster, Jr.

Jack Lemmon travels to Ischia, in Italy, to bring the body of his father Wendell Armbruster, Sr. During his trip, the British woman Pamela Piggott Juliet Mills tries to start a conversation with him, but the impolite executive does not give a chance to her.

In Ischia, the manager of Hotel Excelsior Carlo Carlucci Clive Revill welcomes Wendell telling that it is a place that heals everything; he helps him with the Italian bureaucracy and to get a sealed zinc casket in Amalfi to release the corpse from the morgue.

When Wendell meets Pamela in the hotel, he discovers that his father and her mother had been lovers for ten years and they had met each other every year from July 15th to August 15th.

Wendell offers to help Pamela, who is needy and has weight problem, and they decide to follow the routine of his father and their mother, finding why the couple had had a so long love affair.

This witty, ironic and dramatic romantic comedy has another partnership with Jack Lemmon in the lead role of a rude and tough executive that is surprised with the secret relief valve of his father's life in the wonderful Italy.

The sweet and charming Juliet Mills is perfect in the role of the complexed and needy Pamela. And Clive Revill is fantastic in the role of an experienced hotel manager that fixes everything in the Hotel Excelsior and his performance deserved a nomination to the Oscar.

The plot is supported by magnificent landscapes and one of the most beautiful soundtracks of the cinema history. My vote is eight. Italian Lovers".

Avanti is many things and this is why it has and may never receive the acclaim it deserves. Some may dismiss it or indeed try to define it simply as a rom-com.

It is SO much more. It is a love story and a very moving one at that. It is a farce. It is a more straight forward comedy. It is a delightful and dexterous comedy-Film that combines European and American cultures and for once melds them beautifully.

Lemmon gives one of his best performances, whilst Juliet Mills gives the performance of her career. Clive Revill almost steals the film, and all the supporting Actors are superb.

And right the way through the writing is superb and soaring above all of it the class, the quality, the brilliance of one of the great Film-makers of all time, Billy Wilder.

This film is for adults, it is not a family movie, and it's all the better for it. It's brave, bold and deeply funny and humane.

You really would have to be deeply cynical and appallingly humourless not to find this Film funny and moving. Got get it on DVD today, I'd be astonished if you don't make a life-long friend with this movie once you've watched it.

A lot of sophisticated fun. JimWaz 11 January This movie is somewhat long, especially if you watch it on TV with commercials, but it stays fresh and you never want it to be over.

Jack Lemon at first is such a prig you wonder that Juliet Mills will ever have anything to do with him, but of course all ends well, with Lemon providing the comic focus.

My favorite line in the movie occurs when the valet Bruno has been attempting to blackmail Lemon with nude pictures of his father.

Lemon, not knowing Bruno has just been killed by his mistress complains to the manager, and ends by saying Bruno should be shot. The manager assures him that it has already been taken care of.

What Service! Most obviously so in the case of the central couple, playing out their relationship in the shadow of the dead parents they have come to bury, an absence comically mirrored when their corpses are snatched by the disgruntled peasants on whose farm their car crashed.

It is also the insistent absence of the home Armbruster has temporarily left behind, intruding not only in the phone calls regularly interrupting his burgeoning relationship with Pamela, but in his personality, his worries as an executive and the soul-destroying banality of his marriage resulting in the raging black hole that arrives in Italy, condescending and insulting everything in sight.

The irony of this film is that these two absences cancel each other out, and give Armbruster a definite gain, the return of his humanity.

Again, this is comically mirrored in Pamela's desire to lose weight, her gaining pounds in direct proportion to her happiness. Once again, Wilder is concerned with double lives, that gaping chasm between duty and desire.

Cynical as ever, he finds that the only way to reconcile the two, to stay true to yourself, is to deceive; curative adultery.

The romance in this romantic comedy is sublime if you are willing to give into it - and I do, every time - but Wilder's vision hasn't softened.

Mr Ambruster Sr. The double life for him was what it has always been for successful men where society is based on a rigid code of morality, or bourgeois respectability.

He might have been a dear old lover in Italy, but in America he remained a consummate hypocrite, upholding phoney religious ideals, hobnobbing with high-ranking government officials engaged in bombing Asian civilians, running his huge multi-national with Nixonian corruption, treating his Third-World employees like dirt.

The double life celebrated at the end on an ironical wave of sentiment is an ingeniously American, two-faced compartmentalising of duty and desire - instead of repressing one and letting it get out of violent hand, it is pushed somewhere else, indulged in its proper place, and the status quo, so painstakingly defended by hotel director Carlucci, remains static.

This is not to suggest that Armbruster will follow this route; maybe he will become a genuinely more decent person; but the film has been paralleling his move towards to his father to the point where he ritually imitates him like a ghost?

His first act on reaching America will be a massive act of deceit, burying a Mafia lackey in front of Kissinger, but this subversive act will be known only to three people.

There will be no apple carts turned. So the familiar Wilder transformation scene on the plane - where Armbruster changes suits with Dr Fleischmann - and the Wilderean prevalance of mirrors suggest not that Armbruster will transform his personality, but that he will become adept at living two lives, literally wearing two suits.

Its mixture of farce, black comedy and romance will not be to every taste, and some may feel the sentimental manipulation too much, although I hope I've showed how Wilder manipulates this.

The film's musical score was composed and arranged by veteran Italian film composer Carlo Rustichelli , and conducted by Gianfranco Plenizio.

Weiler of The New York Times thought the film was "intermittently funny, charming, cute and, unfortunately, over-long.

They have warped some parts of the playwright's plot to give us a fairly reasonable flow of giggles and an occasional guffaw. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called the film "a pleasant, civilized comedy" and added, " Avanti!

It also suffers from the problem that the audience has everything figured out several minutes before Jack Lemmon does.

Jay Cocks of Time observed, "The topical dialogue by Wilder and I. Diamond — Kissinger jokes, Billy Graham jokes, etc.

But Miss Mills is fresh and winning, and there is a deft performance by Clive Revill. The British television network Channel 4 has called the film "a rare instance of the travel comedy - never an easy thing to pull off - succeeding without recourse to old racial stereotypes.

As a love story, it's full of Wilder's biting satire. Taken at face value, it's simply a travel comedy about funny foreigners and love in the Mediterranean.

Yet what stands out is how uncomfortable Wilder seems to be with making a sex comedy in the s. Forced to take on board the aftershocks of the summer of love but saddled with an old man's attitude and an old man's cast, Wilder seems perilously out of his depth.

As Lemmon and Mills strip off to reveal pale white skin and flabby fat, you can't help feeling that the resolutely misanthropic director is somewhat appalled by the realities of his characters' bedroom antics.

Jack Lemmon won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor — Motion Picture Musical or Comedy , and nominations went to Billy Wilder for Best Director , Wilder and I.

Diamond for Best Screenplay , Juliet Mills for Best Actress , Clive Revill for Best Supporting Actor , and the film itself for Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

However, the film received no Academy Award nominations. Wilder and Diamond were nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium but lost to Jay Presson Allen for Cabaret.

Writers Guild of America Awards. MGM Home Entertainment released the Region 1 DVD on July 15, It is in anamorphic widescreen format with audio tracks and subtitles in English, Spanish, and French.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For the Italian newspaper, see Avanti! Italian newspaper. For the automobile, see Avanti.

For other uses, see Avanti disambiguation. Original film poster by Sandy Kossin. Phalanx Productions Jalem Productions The Mirisch Corporation Produzioni Europee Associati.

Release date. Running time. Jack Lemmon as Wendell Armbruster, Jr. Gianfranco Barra. Franco Angrisano. Pippo Franco. Franco Acampora. Giselda Castrini.

Raffaele Mottola. Lino Coletta. Harry Ray. Guidarino Guidi. Giacomo Rizzo. Director: Billy Wilder. Writers: Samuel A. Taylor play , Billy Wilder screenplay , I.

Diamond screenplay. Facebook Twitter E-mail. Awards Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 7 nominations. Years ago I thought I was familiar with all of Billy Wilder's movies and as I thumbed through what might have been an old copy of Playboy, perhaps a Sex in the Cinema article, I came across a picture of a nude Juliet Mills and Jack Lemmon sitting on the rocks in an unknown Billy Wilder film, and was determined to one day see that film and much more of the Nanny from The Nanny and the Professor.

VCRs were just coming on the market, so I had to wait a few years till Cinemax showed it in the early morning. I stayed up most of the night to satisfy my prurient interest and what I ended up with was a film I didn't want to end, a tune that played over and over again in my head for days, and one of my most favorite movies.

Yes, this movie is a comedy, sometimes a very black comedy, and sometimes a satire filled with irony. Yes, it's a romance, all about a wonderful romance that sparks up between two seemingly opposite people in the strangest of places at the strangest of times under the strangest of circumstances, the way romance quite often does.

Wendell Armbruster, ein spießiger US-amerikanischer Industrieller und Familienvater, reist am Wochenende auf die italienische Insel Ischia, weil sein Vater dort bei einem Autounfall tödlich verunglückt ist. Er muss die sterblichen Überreste. Auch deshalb ließ Wilder sie am Filmset großzügig mit Lebensmitteln verpflegen. Der Filmemacher hatte ihr die Rolle quasi auf den Leib geschrieben, da ihm ihre​. Wie alle guten Filme ist "Avanti, Avanti" nur sehr selten im Fernsehen zu sehen. Der Film ist unbedingt zu empfehlen. Lesen Sie weiter. 7 Personen fanden diese​. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Avanti, avanti! Ischia, die Insel der Romantik und des süßen Nichtstuns, das Paradies der Liebenden – kurz: die Hölle.

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TV-Sendetermine, Streaming-Tipps und Medien-Neuerscheinungen können jederzeit geändert und deaktiviert werden. Als Vorlage diente das gleichnamige Theaterstück von Samuel A. Der Pamela und Wendell dabei Aus Der Tiefe Der Zeit Schwur kann als Jawort in einer Trauzeremonie interpretiert werden. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Avanti, avanti! Hangover 2. Watch the video. Writers Guild of America Awards. Diamond — Kissinger jokes, Billy Graham jokes, etc. Release date. Gianfranco Barra. As a love story, it's full of Wilder's biting satire. Epstein and then Norman Krasna Nord Nord Mord Wiki, but he was unhappy with the results. What Service! Jack Lemmon as Wendell Armbruster, Jr. As one man might become like his father, as might a woman become like her mother. Juliet Mills. Clive Revill almost steals the film, and all the supporting Actors are superb. Don't make the mistake to Lets Dance Wer Ist Raus 2021 this jewel just because it might be a bit older or because you think romantic comedies are just for girls. This is not Wendell's only problem. Custom Design Center. Our craftsmen give you the opportunity to bring your visions to life in jewelry designed just for you. Avanti! () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Avanti Cinema, Hyderabad. likes · 72 talking about this. Avanti Chitranaalayam is a film studio based in Hyderabad, Known for making #StoryDiscussion #NirudyogaNatulu and #SheeshMahal. Like many of the comedies of Billy Wilder, Avanti! deals with matters relating to marital infidelity. It's a topic that Wilder covered in such films as The Apartment, The Seven-Year Itch, and Kiss Me, Stupid. Avanti rates 3 stars in my opinion But I enjoyed watching it anyway. This is the first movie starring Juliet Mills that I have seen and she gives a good performance. I have never seen Jack Lemmon give less than an excellant performance in any o f the movies he appears in. The plot of this movie is why I give it only 3 stars.
Avanti Avanti Film

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Avanti Avanti Film 17/12/ · "Avanti!" is another delightful movie of the genius Billy Wilder. This witty, ironic and dramatic romantic comedy has another partnership with Jack Lemmon in the lead role of a rude and tough executive that is surprised with the secret relief valve of his father's life in the wonderful Italy.7,2/10(9,4K). (Avanti!) Sinopse Nessa hilariante e leve comédia do clamado escritor / diretor Billy Wilder e roteirista I.A.L. Diamond (Se Meu apartamento Falasse), um rico Americano descobre romance e o significado da palavra avanti quando está na Itália.4,1/5(6). Taylor [1]. Billy Wilder. Arnoldo Trotta.