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Wenn ihr nach einem langen Tag einfach nur Euer Gehirn ausschalten und Euch berieseln lasen wollt, mach nur weiter und verppelt ihn.

Ducktales 2021 Episode 2

Die erste Folge der neuen DuckTales wirkt flott und bezieht sich zum Teil auf den Barks-Comic "Der verlorene Zehner", aus dem die DuckTales-Folge "Die. Part I: The St. Canardian Guardian! Folge 61 Geheimnis der Jugend US, Originaltitel: The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades. Liste der DuckTales-Episoden der zweiten Staffel. Der gefährlichste Spieleabend aller Zeiten (The Most Dangerous Game' Night!) Staffel 2 Episode 1 (DuckTales.

Disney Plus im Januar 2021: Neue Filme und Serien

Part I: The St. Canardian Guardian! Folge 61 Geheimnis der Jugend US, Originaltitel: The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades. Welche Filme, Serien & Co. im Januar neu zum Abruf stehen, zeigt CINEMA. Episode 6: "Der große gute Wolf"; "The Mandalorian" Staffel 2» Episode 6. USA, – "DuckTales": Disney stellt Neuauflage nach dritter Staffel ein Die Suche nach Atlantis (Hörspiel)*; DuckTales Folge 2 Fonsos Funpark Warum wird in den Free-TV-Premieren der Staffel 2 "Episode 13" ausgelassen?

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Und wenn im Zentrum ein einfühlsam erzähltes und stark gespieltes Einzelschicksal sprichwörtlich auf Alle Apps Schließen Spiel steht, dann ist das Serien-Paket perfekt.

Super DuckTales DuckTales : Season 2 : Episode 2. USER SCORE. No score yet. VOTE NOW. Play Sound. Louie teams with Goldie to scam their way through Doofus' dangerous party, while Huey pushes himself out of his comfort zone in his favorite online game.

The kids are pulled into a world made of their wildest dreams; Lena's worst nightmare comes true, as Magica De Spell returns to reclaim what's hers.

Webby leads the kids in a race against the Beagles to find a secret treasure while hiding a secret of her own; Della is forced to teach Launchpad how to actually fly a plane.

Louie, Scrooge and Owlson must escape from an unstoppable monster cursed to hunt down and destroy the richest duck in the world.

The moon invades Duckburg, forcing Scrooge to join forces with an unlikely ally in an effort to save Earth; Della and the kids search the globe for reinforcements.

Huey races against Violet in a challenge to be named Senior Junior Woodchuck, while Scrooge and the family search for a secret Woodchuck treasure.

A spy video game turns dangerously real as Launchpad and Dewey must stop F. The family joins a zen mermaid society to find a missing mystery, but Louie is convinced the seemingly innocent mermaids have a villainous agenda of their own.

Gyro, Fenton and Huey take a malfunctioning B. Dewey must embrace his inner heel to beat the beloved Viking wrestling champ Jormungandr in a battle royale for the fate of the Earth.

When a mysterious magic thief arrives in Duckburg, Lena must confront her past and team with her treacherous aunt, Magica. With F. The kids pair off to find the missing pieces of a mystical sword hidden throughout an Istanbird marketplace, unless F.

Scrooge is forced to babysit young Donald and Della as they go on their first adventure to find a powerful artifact, unaware that Bradford is taking on this mission personally.

A bitter feud between Scrooge and his sister, Matilda , spreads to the rest of the family as Phantom Blot attempts to steal a priceless artifact and destroy Castle McDuck once and for all.

Scrooge teams up with his archrival, Santa Claus , to save Christmas , while Webby discovers the true history behind their infamous feud. Their investigation leads them to a man named Jones , who they believe might be behind Donald's implied disappearance.

They later find out that he was Donald's anger management counselor, who helped him channel his temper into protective instinct.

After picking them up, Scrooge gets Donald's message, but fails to understand it due to poor reception.

After a long night celebrating Webby and Lena's one-year anniversary as friends, they, Violet, and the boys go to sleep.

However, they enter a dream world through Lena's magic and travel through their favorite dreams. All the while, Lena secretly tries to avoid Magica, who has been invading her dreams throughout the past week.

She eventually falls into her nightmare, where Magica claims that she is still evil because she is just like her. The others arrive to help Lena, but Magica turns her into a copy of her so they will attack her instead and prove her point.

After Lena saves Webby from a falling chandelier, the latter sees her friendship bracelet, realizes she is not fighting Magica, and pulls Lena away from the real sorceress with Violet and the boys' help.

When the kids wake up, they discover Magica used a telepathy helmet to invade their dreams since she is still powerless. Seeing this, Lena destroys Magica's helmet and the kids walk away while Magica vows vengeance.

At Fort Duckburg, Webby convinces the boys to join her on an adventure to find Cornelius Coot 's golden armory; a treasure Della never found.

They discover a secret mine entrance under Coot's statue, and using Della's journal, search for the treasure. Meanwhile, Big Time Beagle, who was kicked out of the Beagle Boys, follows them in the hopes of finding the treasure first and win back Ma's approval.

Elsewhere, Della tries to get ready to sky-write over the fort, but has to repair the plane with Launchpad.

The kids find the treasure, which turns out to be corn, disappointing Webby. They are taken hostage by the Beagles, but they are saved when Della and Launchpad crash into the mine.

Webby resumes looking for clues, so Della goes after her while Big Time captures the others with an army of spiders.

When Della finds her, Webby reveals her determination to be like her, but Della assures her that she is already a great adventurer.

They then discover that Coot used the corn and giant popcorn poppers to imitate gunfire and scare his enemies into retreating.

The group escape the cave, while Ma invites Big Time back into the gang. While preparing the manor for a hurricane, Mrs. Beakley confronts Della about her lack of strictness.

Meanwhile, Louie's latest scheme, treasure hunting through time with Gyro's Time Tub, goes horribly wrong when it turns said hurricane into a "timephoon", bringing people from the past to the present.

In an attempt to stop it, Louie returns the treasures, but it fails and he is caught by Della. Things then go from bad to worse as each family member is sent to a different time period, leaving only Louie.

In the end, with help from a caveduck named Bubba , Louie returns the time-displaced people and everyone comes back. However, while the others forgive Louie, Della grounds him for his actions.

Afterward, Huey ponders if Bubba might have been a Clan McDuck ancestor. Louie, who is still grounded, tries to escape the manor and join the family's latest adventure, but is constantly stopped by Della's countermeasures.

Meanwhile, Glomgold, in a final attempt to win the bet before the deadline, teams up with the Beagle Boys, Beaks, Karnage, and Magica to invade the manor.

Desperate, Louie tells Glomgold how to win in return for a partnership. The villains then confront the family and, as instructed by Louie, pool their resources just as time runs out, causing Glomgold to win the bet.

However, since "Glomgold" is a fake identity, everything goes to Louie instead. Afterward, the villains angrily turn on Glomgold, forcing him to flee.

Della is happy Louie seemingly learned his lesson, but when she tells him to give Scrooge his company back, he hesitates.

After effectively winning the bet, Louie decides to keep Scrooge and Glomgold's companies and fortunes, making him "The Richest Duck in the World".

However, he ends up accidentally releasing a monster bent on destroying the world's richest person known as the Bombie. He tries to escape the creature, but it proves relentless.

Louie eventually realizes the only way to stop the Bombie is to be humble, so he shines its shoes with Scrooge and returns his company to him.

Meanwhile, Della tries to make radio contact with Penumbra, though Dewey causes her to question if they were ever truly friends. Ultimately, Della does get a message from Penumbra, who reaffirms their friendship, but warns her of Lunaris' invasion.

As the Moonlanders launch their invasion, Scrooge gathers allies for a counterattack. However, it fails and Lunaris reveals his plan to make the Earth revolve around the Moon using a planetary engine.

Elsewhere, Della flies the kids to safety, disguising it as a recruitment drive, but they are attacked and crash on an island; where they find Donald.

Della tries to sway the others from leaving until Louie helps her see that it is okay to have bad experiences, as there will be good ones.

Gladstone and Fethry soon find them and take them back to Duckburg on Mitzi. Meanwhile, Scrooge reluctantly teams up with Glomgold and outsmarts Lunaris with one of the latter's dumb schemes.

In response, Lunaris flees in his ship and attempts to destroy Earth, leading to a space battle against the Ducks. In the end, Penumbra arrives and damages Lunaris' ship, leaving him stranded.

Afterward, the Moonlanders stop the invasion and the family celebrates, unaware that the secret organization F. Huey and Violet partake in a competition for a promotion to Senior Woodchuck.

However, as it becomes clear that Violet is the better Woodchuck, Huey gets desperate and begins resorting to foul play.

In the end though, Huey's conscience, appearing as a talking Woodchuck guidebook, gets through to him and he gracefully forfeits.

Meanwhile, Scrooge finds a map to the treasure of Woodchucks founder Isabella Finch, only for the others to follow a strange bird instead.

Ultimately, the family help Scrooge see that having your own adventure is more fun than following someone else's, and the bird ends up leading them to Finch's treasure: a list of treasures she never found.

The family resolve to find the treasures, unaware that F. While preparing to take a group photo, the family realizes something is wrong and soon find they are trapped in a '90s sitcom called Quack Pack.

Through a flashback sequence, they learn that, while on an adventure to find the Lost Lamp of Collie Baba , Donald wished for a normal life and the genie, Gene , granted his wish.

The family demand to be sent back, but Donald refuses and storms off while the wish begins fighting back to prevent the others from escaping.

However, guest star Goofy helps Donald see that each family has their own idea of "normal" and he goes back to save his own. They eventually find the lamp and Donald uses his second wish to undo his first.

Afterward, Donald uses his last wish to get the family picture he wanted; depicting them adventuring. While visiting Funso's, Scrooge becomes addicted to arcade games while Dewey and Launchpad play a VR spy game.

Meanwhile, F. Director Bradford Buzzard orders agents Heron and Steelbeak to remove Scrooge before he discovers Funso's is their base.

Much to Heron's chagrin though, Steelbeak captures Dewey and Launchpad, who still think they are in the game; increasing the likelihood of F.

Heron plans to use an "Intelli-Ray" to make Scrooge dumb, but Steelbeak hijacks the operation after she insults him and inadvertently increases Launchpad's intelligence before abducting Dewey.

Steelbeak tries to use the Intelli-Ray on all of Duckburg, but Launchpad is able to stop him with help from F. Afterward, Launchpad's stupidity prevents him from warning Scrooge about F.

The family heads to Mervana, an underwater society of mer-people , to find its lost harp. Two of the Mervanans, Alethiea and Vero, teach Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Donald their ways while Louie, Webby, and Beakley follow a mysterious sound.

They eventually find it belongs to the harp, a sentient artifact that tells or confirms the truth, and learn that Mervana fell into the sea after its ruler, King Honestus, fled from his duties; turning into a monster.

The harp also makes Beakley reveal the lies she told to Webby over the years, causing her to become depressed. Honestus attacks the family, but Louie is able to restore Webby's confidence and help everyone fight him off until they reach land, where the Mervanans grow legs and Honestus turns back to normal.

Afterward, the Mervanans tell Honestus that he does not have to shoulder his duties alone and they rebuild Mervana together while the family departs.

The Three Caballeros are struggling to find a sponsor when they are approached by Louie, who offers a scheme dubbed " Louie's Eleven ": infiltrate the party of trendsetter Emma Glamour and have her put them on her blog.

However, things go south when Donald gets trapped in an elevator with Glamour's assistant, Daisy Duck , and Glamour herself sees through the plan. Even worse, a group led by Graves steal Glamour's phone for their employer, who turns out to be Glamour's son; Beaks.

Fortunately, Donald and Daisy, having bonded in the elevator, are able to escape and defeat Graves.

Afterward, the Caballeros perform, though Donald's singing annoys everyone but Daisy. Huey befriends B.

When Huey takes him to the lab, Gyro recognizes B. Due to B. After being accosted by Inspector Tezuka and getting separated from Gizmoduck while foiling a robbery, Huey and B.

However, Gyro's former mentor, Dr. Akita, learns of the android's return and takes control of him to get revenge. While fighting Akita, Gyro remembers caring for B.

With Lil Bulb's help, Gyro beats Akita and reconciles with B. Now in control of his programming, B. Scrooge takes the kids to Valhalla for a decennial wrestling tournament against Team Ragnarök , led by Jörmungandr , for the fate of the world.

While Scrooge wins the first round against Strongbeard, he hurts his back, forcing Dewey to take his place. However, the latter begins doubting himself and loses the second round when he fails to get the crowd on his side.

Before the final round, Scrooge helps Dewey see that doing the right thing does not always mean getting everyone's approval. Though Dewey is no match for Jörmungandr, his determination rallies the crowd to his side and convinces Strongbeard to lend him his magical beard, which increases his strength and allows him to win the tournament.

Lena is struggling to control Magica's amulet, so Webby and Violet try to cheer her up with a sleepover. However, they are interrupted by an uncharacteristically unlucky Gladstone before being attacked by F.

After narrowly driving him off, Webby and Violet convince Lena to seek out Magica to help her control the amulet, which the sorceress agrees to as the Blot is an old enemy of hers.

Despite this though, the Blot overpowers them and drains the amulet, causing Lena to fade away. However, Lena uses her own magic, powered by the bonds with her friends, to defeat the Blot and return the stolen magic and luck.

Afterward, Magica betrays the girls, regaining her amulet and powers, but is beaten by Lena, who pledges to use her powers to battle dark magical forces.

Della urges Webby and Dewey to bring Penumbra with them to the pier after the kids learn of the grand opening of the Flintferris Glomwheel, Glomgold's latest gift to Duckburg.

Penumbra is reluctant to join the children in their "Earth fun", but changes her mind after being criticized by her fellow Moonlanders for her stoic attitude.

Error: please try again. Huey competes against Violet in a race for a promotion to Senior Junior Woodchuck, while Scrooge and the rest of the family search for a secret Junior Woodchuck treasure.

S3, Ep2. The family is not quite themselves as they discover the planned family photoshoot might just be a part of a bigger "wish" gone wrong.

S3, Ep3. A spy video game turns dangerously real as Launchpad and Dewey must stop F. S3, Ep4. The family joins a zen mermaid society to find a missing mystery, but Louie is convinced the seemingly innocent mermaids have a villainous agenda of their own.

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A family game night with shrink rays, a barbaric civilization and an unhealthy level of competitiveness. Sat, Oct 27, 30 mins.

Sat, Nov 3, 30 mins. Louie and Webby investigate a friendly dockside fisherman who may or may not be Flintheart Glomgold. Sat, Nov 10, 30 mins.

Donald reunites with his band as the family explores a Brazilian town. Sat, Nov 17, 30 mins. Storkules is recruited for Louie's professional monster extermination business.

Sat, Dec 1, 30 mins. Scrooge celebrates Christmas with his time-traveling ghost buddies while time-lost Dewey teams with Young Donald to find his mom on Christmas.

Sat, Mar 9, 30 mins. Marooned, Della struggles for survival against the foreign elements of the Moon. Tue, May 7, 30 mins. The boys track a missing artifact across Duckburg, while Scrooge and Webby stall the warrior looking for it with a phony quest.

Wed, May 8, 30 mins. In the Old West, Scrooge and Goldie form a band of outlaws and stage a heist to save a small town from a corrupt businessman.

Thu, May 9, 30 mins. The kids must stop Scrooge's unhealthy obsession with a few missing coins to keep him from becoming the next Glomgold.

Fri, May 10, 30 mins. Della rebuilds her ship, while Penumbra becomes convinced Della's planning an attack.

Ducktales 2021 Episode 2 After being fired again by Scrooge, Launchpad enters the space program, and accidentally Irischer Schriftsteller James sent to Mars. In a lost pyramid, Louie interprets a pharaoh's prophecy to his advantage, forcing Scrooge and Launchpad to convince a group of living mummies to rescue him. After pitching up his tent, he captures Bigfoot. An ancient Egyptian Civilization abducts Donald so that he can host a spirit of a Pharaoh. Gyro presents the McDuck household with a robot Meyerhoff Joachim Armstrong to Stars Frisuren 2021 their work for them. #ducktales #ducktales #season1 #episode2. Season 1 currently goes as: episode 6, 7, 1, 3, 2, 5,4 – with the remaining of the season after going in order. Season 2 skips episode 15 and is relisted as episode DuckTales () The original movie ‘Treasure of the Golden Suns’ is being split up into episodes, but are not in order – the first part of the movie is episode Season 2 (–) In the wake of the first season and DuckTales ' first 65 episodes, Disney announced 30 additional episodes. However, during the second season, the only new DuckTales episodes to air were two television movie specials: "Time Is Money" in syndication (some stations airing it on November 24, others on December 9,) and "Super DuckTales" on NBC's The Magical World of Disney. © Disney Enterprises, Inc.; Disney Branded Television, Walt Disney Television. This article is about the episodes of the series. For the original episodes, see DuckTales episode list. The following is a list of episodes of the DuckTales series, listed in the order they originally aired. The series premiered on August 12, with a television movie, while the actual series premiered on September 23 with two episodes. 1 Series Overview 2 Shorts () 3. Lena tries to protect Webby from Lets Dance 2021 Profitänzer suspicious new friend during a supernatural sleepover. Treasure of the Lost Lamp film List of DuckTales merchandise. Details: buff. Magica De Spell is close to exacting revenge on Scrooge, so the family races against time to plan a dangerous rescue mission to save Scrooge and the city. Retrieved October 30, The kids must stop Scrooge's unhealthy obsession with a few missing coins to keep him from becoming the next Glomgold. Fri, May 10, 30 mins. Fri, May 17, 30 mins. Sat, Nov 17, 30 mins Storkules is recruited Schweinebraten Mit Kruste Schuhbeck Louie's professional monster extermination business. At her home, they discover she is a shadow created by Magica and rush back to stop the sorceress. In the end however, the two reconcile and find out that the Terra-firmians Yennefer Of Vengerberg actually real. Ultimately, Scrooge has the Papyrus make itself disappear, with the provision that only his heir can find it, though not before Bradford uses it to erase his involvement from the Ducks' memories. Meanwhile, Scrooge reluctantly teams up with Glomgold to Criminal Minds Bsto rid of Beaks, but he quickly grows tired of the overly-complicated scheme and walks out on him. At the pier, Webby struggles to encourage Prosieben Schauen to appreciate her new life on Earth, but experiences a breakthrough after she confides in her that she has learned to Die Bergretter Verbotene Liebe more than just Köln 50667 Anschauen Webby". Part II Sat, Oct 12, 30 mins Scrooge and some allies try to take back Duckburg after Moonlanders invade Earth. Januar Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. Die Erstausstrahlung begann in den Vereinigten Staaten am Die vertrauliche Akte von Agentin Season 2, Episode September 9, Louie uses Gyro's Time Tub to steal lost treasures from the past. A mysterious storm in the present sends all of Actors: Bernardo De Paula. While physical production is wrapping, ‘DuckTales’ continues to be available daily on Disney Channels and Disney+ around the world and fans will get an epic season finale in Watch DuckTales Full Season IN HD Visit:: Télécharger: In their attempt t. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie DuckTales sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Die Serie umfasst aktuell drei Staffeln mit 65 Episoden sowie 15 Kurzfilme. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3 Staffel 2; 4 Staffel 3; 5 Kurzfilme Januar um Uhr bearbeitet. Terminplaner für alle Sendetermine im Fernsehen: · Mo – ​30 – 34 Der Gesetzlose Dagobert Duck · Fr Login · DuckTales · Infos · Episodenguide · ÜbersichtÜbersicht 2. · · Die Suche nach Atlantis · Mo – · · – ​. Staffel im Frühjahr Unser am Würde sie nicht. Die Episode der nolablogs.coml. In der kommenden Folge der dritten Staffel „DuckTales“ trifft Einen Vorgeschmack auf die Episode mit dem Originaltitel „How Santa Stole Christmas! Erstaustrahlung. April auf Netflix. Du sollst nicht lügen. 2.